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The widespread view is that social segregation has been intensifying and the latest wave of refugees flooding Paris from the…

Feature Stories

The Volyn Czechs

After Donbas, the national minorities question has become a taboo subject for Ukraine. Neither official Kiev nor diaspora representatives feel any desire to publically discuss what has the slightest hypothetical chance of provoking ethnic aggravation. But life goes on. And just as before there are people of many various minority groups living in Ukraine. This time we decided to talk about the historical and contemporary fate of the Volyn Czechs.

Decommunisation in Ukraine

Since proclaiming independence in 1991, Ukraine has steadily progressed down the path of building a consolidated nation-state based on the culture, values, traditions and political norms of the country’s titular ethnic group – Ukrainians. Over time, the struggle against communist ideology and the Soviet legacy has gradually turned into the eradication and revision of elements of the past related to Russian history and culture.

By the Numbers

The immigration debate in Europe is heavily politicised. Many Europeans berate their leaders for failing to help Syrian refugees enough while others lambast them for giving in to pressure and admitting hordes of itinerants in to destroy their culture and suck their economies dry. This article takes a look at the actual numbers to see what Europe truly is: cold-hearted and cruel or generous to a fault.


Turkey is now hosting nearly 2 million Syrian refugees, the world’s greatest number. The majority of them are located in the five border provinces of Gaziantep, Hatay, Kilis, Mardin, and Şanliurfa where they now make up about 10% of the local population. This is our first, introductory, article in a series on Syrian refugees in Turkey.


An initial 20-percent lead is not a guarantee for being elected. How to lose everything and elections, Bronislaw Komorowski and presidential elections in Poland show.

Euromaidan. Resistance

Every political struggle has two sides. The first part of our epic two-episode story (Birth of a Myth) recalled the evolution of Euromaidan from a separate set of ideas into a unified, meaningful and purposeful movement, as it created its own culture, symbolism, and logic. The second part looks at the other side of barricades: those who resisted calls to give up in November 2013 – February 2014.

Birth of a Myth

In a name, this is where the difference lies between an anonymous, accidental protest and a historical event. Winter 2013/14 in Ukraine has drawn lots of comparisons – from Neron to nowdays. It had the name – the Revolution of Dignity – that should herald its unique historical role: it should be remembered by living people and future generations as a turning point in the national history.

European Parliament elections

Eighth European Parliament elections were held on 22-25 May 2014. In every of 28 Member States, their outcomes were defined by a complex group of factors that had not largely derived from European issues. Those national nuances are hard to trace in post-election pan-European generalisations, but they are evident if the experience of every single country is zoomed in. In this project, we report statistics and analysis from all EU Member States.

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