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Yatsenyuk once described his government as a "kamikaze" one. True. Credits:

Yatsenyuk once described his government as a “kamikaze” one. True. Credits:

Yatsenyuk once called his ministers a “kamikaze” government. But honestly, who is a kamikaze these days? We have decided to adapt the recent developments in Ukraine to the style of the top media phenomenon of our days, that is of ISIS.

Last week the Grand Vizier of the Ukrainian State of Galicia and Volyn (UkS for short), Amir of the Jamaat Arslan Yatsenyukaev issued an appeal to the Umma, in which he declared his intentions of political aistishhad. According to the amir, the difficult situation his Divan has found itself in has been artificially created, auzubillah.

The current Divan was formed on 2 December 2014 (according to the calendar of the kafirs) after the UkS Majlis approved Yatsenyukaev’s candidacy for the post of Grand Vizier  on 27 November as proposed by the head of state, tajir yahudi Batr al-Barushi.

While heading the previous Divan (27 February – 2 December 2014), Yatsenyukaev vowed that he and his colleagues would fall as political shaheeds fighting for UkS, bismillah. But then they did not, yarhamukallah.

Yatsenyukaev’s second Divan is to be primarily remembered for the following:

— an abundance of kafirs and mushrikeen in Divan posts (Mongud al-Djarazi, Aivar Ibrahimi, Iskander Kvit ash-Vali)

— corruption scandals culminating in the resignation of Ecology Naib Harbi ibn Shevi, State Emergency Service of UkS Naibs Zahrab ash-Shki Raqqi and Mokhtaran Bochkoev, Economy Naib Aivar Ibrahimi, and others.

— introduction of the blacklisting of haram Russian art

— conflict with the Wali of Hadjibey Vilayet, former sultan of Gurdjistan Meseli-alloi Saak as-Vali

— the “erection” of a defensive wall along the border with the ar-Russia Sultanate.

This kind of political activity has been a reason for the steady fall of the Umma’s confidence rating in the Divan overall and in the Grand Vizier in particular – as the results of sociological research attest – over the entire length of his tenure.

Furthermore, as Europe Insight has established, many UkS sheikhs, amirs and fuqaha have pondered over the need for its members to fall as shaheeds, inshallah, since the very first day of the Divan’s work. The history of the political aistishhad of the Yatsenyukaev Divan’s in quotes are found in the Europe Insight infographic.


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